Ford Z304 In a Cobra Kit Car

Headers For A Cobra Kit Car With A Ford Z304 Installation

We available side pipe headers for Cobra kit cars with the Z304 engine installation or with AFR raised port heads. Specifically designed for that combination, they are available in a variety of cominations. See the pricing structure below to see the option. All of our headers are purge tig welded. We use an American made 304 stainless. Other engine chassis configurations available, even custom one off installations.


Built In 304 Stainless           Mild Steel Ceramic Coated



Ford Z304 Cobra Kit Car Installations

Header Construction


Mild Steel Uncoated


Mild Steel Ceramic Coated


304 Stainless Uncoated


304 Stainless Ceramic Coated


Mild Steel Double Collector


304 Stainless Double Collector