Build Your Own Custom Set Of Headers With Our Header Build Kits

 Need a set of custom built headers?

We have everything you need to build your own set of custom made headers. We help fabricators everyday bring together custom header builds from the most basic header design to the most complex challenging systems found on world class applications. Experienced builders know Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc. for offering the industries finest American made header components.

Our Header Build Kits Are An Industry First

custom header kit

Because our kits include everything you need for your header build project, you can order with confidence that when you receive it, you will be building in no time. Our fabrication experts have brought together these new header build kits that are an industry first. They include everything you need to build a custom set of headers.

Looking For The Ultimate In Header Fabrication Components?

Nobody stocks more American made header fabrication components that Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc. Our new header fabrication kits have everything you need to bring that project together. With over 250 different flange patterns, we have the flange you are looking for. We carry 1000s of American made mandrel bends. Our merge collectors are hand fabricated to your exact specifications. You can finish off your build with one of our in house fabricated race mufflers or our oval exhaust tubing.

Never Built A Set Of Headers Before?

No problem. A large percentage of our customers are first time header builders. Faced with unique engine/chassis combinations that don’t have off the shelf headers available, building custom headers is a great option. We can assist you in every step of the way. Our new custom header build kits make it easy to get what you need.

We Make Header Building A Snap. How Can We Do That?

Header Design Assistance

Our techs aren’t just sales people, they are some of the industry’s top fabricators. If you have a question, make sure you talk with one of our techs for help on your next header or exhaust challenge

Complete Header Kits

With our industry first, complete header build kit, we can give you a head start in your header build project. These complete kits come with everything you need to bring your project together. Everything from header flanges and American made mandrel bends to collectors and even the filler rod to finish off you project. See our online store for a complete least of components found in this kit.     

Header Fabrication Support

Our header fabrication resource page has a wealth of header fabrication knowledge. Our 6 part header building how to series has helped 1000s of header fabricators with tech tips and header building how to’s.

Ceramic Coating

Now you can finish your header build off with our in house ceramic coating service offered in a large variety of color and temperature options. Competitively priced and with a fast turnaround, keep your new headers looking good and lower that under hood temperature.

Want to Build Your Own Headers?

 We Have Everything You Need At Our Online Store                                                                                            

Don’t Want to Build You Own Set Of Header?

Give GP Headers A Call At: 1-800-242-9157

GP Headers, Inc. offers the unique service of building custom headers to fit your application without having your car at our location. You can have a set of custom headers built to your exact header specifications using their PVC mock-up kit without your car ever leaving the garage. Imagine having a set of high end custom headers built with true merge collectors to fit for your unique application. All of their custom headers incorporate true merge collectors, heavy 3/8" flanges and are purge tig welded producing the finest custom header money can buy and built to your exact specifications. After hundreds of systems and years of experience, they have this system down to a science.

               From This                                     To This                  From This                                     To This

We have the know how and the parts to help you get the job done.

See our header fabrication video series.


Be sure to see our customer photo gallery.

How Does it Work?

GP Headers supplies the builder with a set of aluminum adjustable fabrication elbows. These unique infinitely adjustable elbows are compact enough to configure the most complex custom header designs right at your location. With a locking bolt at the pivot point of the elbow, the builder can simulate virtually any bend radius. Between the supplied elbows and the locally acquired PVC straight tubing, the builder can supply GP Headers with unlimited custom header design variations without bringing the car to their location.

From there the custom header mock up configuration is sent to GP. The custom header mockup design is then replicated in their multi mount welding fixture. This multi mount welding fixture is a system Stainless Headers Mfg. developed years ago to rapidly accommodate any custom header design. This allows GP Headers to fabricate and weld a set of custom headers that fits your very application perfectly.

After a precise fixture is made from your supplied mock-up, one of GP's skilled craftsmen fabricates your set of custom headers to your very specifications.

These infinitely adjustable elbows are the key to our header mock-up system. They incorporate a replaceable aluminum sleeve that the builder drills through the PVC into the sleeve. This fixes the PVC tubing in place for shipment into our facility.

The mock-up kit comes complete with all of the required components including appropriate numbers of adjustable elbows and instructions.

What makes their headers simply your best choice for custom headers?

Truly custom

GP Headers headers are made to fit your very application. The true meaning of custom.

Using only the finest true merge collectors in every design

Everyone of their headers incorporates handmade merge collectors. Sized for your very application, they can be configured with a three bolt flange, “V” band flange, turbo flange, straight tubing or what ever fits your application. Since GP makes them in-house, they can configure the header to fit your application without any compromises.

Constructed from the materials that’s just right for your application

We stock mild steel, 304 stainless steel and 321 stainless steel. Other high tech materials are also available for special applications, such as inconel and titanium. Just ask.

Purge tig welded

Often not done on most headers, purge welding is an essential part of good header construction. By filling the tubing with argon during the welding process, the internal tubing welds are shielded from oxygen. This gives an uncontaminated smooth weld internally. From years of welding aerospace components, we have developed techniques that make this cost effective in the automotive industry. For more information on purge welding see our “Precision Tig Welding Page”

Heavy flanges that match your actual port size

We use our heavy 3/8” thick CNC water jet cut flanges. We offer flanges matched to your very port size at no extra charge. During the header mock-up process at your location, we can supply you with the very flanges that we will use to build your headers with. These flanges can be matched to your port size by you and set back with the header mock-up for final fabrication by us.

From Ideas Into Reality With Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc.

Want To Build Your Own Headers? 

You Can, With Help From Our Header Fabrication Video Series