Ford Coyote In A Cobra Kit Car

Headers For A Cobra Kit Car With A Ford Coyote Installation

Now available, these side pipe headers for Cobra kit cars with the Ford Coyote engine installation. Specifically designed for that combination, they are available in a variety of combinations. See the pricing structure below to see all of the options. All of our headers are purge tig welded. We use an American made 304 stainless. We have available the option of our double merge collector configuration. One of the biggest advantages of this design, is the performance increase. This comes from having the primary tubes go into a collector that merges down to increase the exhaust flow velocity and then transitions up back into the four individual primaries going to the side pipe. Without this merge down area, most designs go right into a 4" side pipe cavity. A 4" collector is typically sized for horse power rating of around 800 HP an up. By offering a merge collector, we can size the merge to your engines exact performance. Along with the performance benefits, notice the O2 sensor bung location. This sampling location offers a more accurate exhaust reading for a precise sample. Other engine/chassis configurations available, even custom one off installations.

Take a close look at the fabrication and welding details. We started years ago in the performance aircraft exhaust industry and carried forward that same care and fabrication processes to the performance automotive market. The same attention to detail can be seen in every header we produce.




 Built In 304 Stainless                        Double Merge Collector



 Purge Tig Welded                                Positioned For Side Pipes



O2 Bung At The Merge                                         A Perfect Fit


Ford Coyote Installations Applications

Header Construction


Mild Steel Uncoated


Mild Steel Ceramic Coated


304 Stainless Uncoated


304 Stainless Ceramic Coated


Mild Steel Double Collector


304 Stainless Double Collector