Corvette Headers

Headers For C3 Corvettes

Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc. offers a full line of  stainless C3 Corvette headers. For special applications, talk with one of our tech reps about custom fabrication.

Crafted from an American made 304 stainless, our headers offer the following features not found in other C3 Corvette headers:

  • Purge tig welded
  • Merge collectors that are sized for your exact application.
  • Available in 1 5/8" to 1 7/8" for small block installations and LS conversions
  • Larger sizes up to 2 1/2" primary tubes for those 1200 HP plus big block installations
  • Stepped header designs



LSX Side Mount Headers      Small Block Side Mount Headers      Big Block Side Mount Headers


     LSX Long Tube Headers        Small Block Long Tube Headers     Big Block Long Tube Headers


     Specialty Corvette Headers